At Adfero, we are always looking toward the future. It’s our job to predict the technologies, trends, policies and people that have the power to change the communications landscape. Our clients expect it and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of creative, innovative thinking.

That’s why we launched the Adfero Eight, a list of the things we believe will impact communications in the year to come. Our inaugural list, released on February 5, 2014, begins an annual tradition in which we’ll gather with friends, colleagues and clients each year to brainstorm, debate and deliberate.

We developed the list with an eye toward the future, but also a foot in the present. We hope that the ideas contained here are ones that will inform your plans and projects today, as well as help you think about what’s to come.

And, we hope that the ideation and conversation won’t stop here. This list is meant to be point of departure for a continued dialogue about the rapidly evolving communications world. Are you inspired? Surprised? Skeptical? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, using #Adfero8. And in the coming weeks, look for deeper discussions of each entry on our blog, Insights.

About the Site’s Design

In developing, we gave our talented interactive and creative teams free rein to build a site representative of emerging trends and techniques. We hope you enjoy the unique experience they’ve created.

A Special Thanks

Thank you to the many talented people outside Adfero who contributed to this year’s list. We’re so grateful for the time, energy and brainpower you brought to the table.

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